10 Ways how to style medium long hair male


Textured Top:

Add volume and movement with layered cuts and styling products.

Slicked Back:

Classic and sleek, use gel for a polished, refined look.

Side Part Elegance:

Define with a comb for a timeless, professional appearance.

Casual Waves:

Embrace natural texture with light hold products for a relaxed vibe.

Pompadour Pomp:

Volume upfront, combed back for a bold, vintage statement.

Tousled Look:

Achieve an effortless, carefree style with matte paste.

Bro Flow:

Let it grow, styled back for a laid-back, natural look.

Undercut Style:

Short sides with longer top for a sharp, modern contrast.

Curly Charm:

Define curls with cream for a soft, approachable look.

Man Bun Mastery:

Gather at the crown for a trendy, convenient style.

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