8 Long senegalese twist with curly ends


Layered Twists: Strategically Layered Twists for Volume and Curly Dynamics

Beaded Twists: Accessorize with Beads for a Unique Twist on Curly Ends

Twist Out Bun: Chic Bun at the Crown with Curly Ends Peeking Out

Side-Swept Twist: Elegant Side-Swept Twists with Curly Ends for a Formal Look

Half-Up, Half-Down: Versatile Half-Up Style Showcasing Curly Ends

High Ponytail: Sleek High Ponytail Using Long Twists with Playful Curly Ends

Ombré Twists: Trendy Ombré Effect on Twists with Curly Ends for a Modern Touch

Classic Twist: Embrace the Classic Long Senegalese Twist with Soft Curly Ends

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