10 dark hair colors with red highlights


1. Midnight Ruby:

Deep black with subtle red streaks for a mysterious allure.

2.Espresso Flame:

Rich brown with vibrant red highlights for a fiery contrast.

3.Burgundy Blaze:

Dark maroon with red flashes, blending warmth and depth.

4.Ebony Cherry:

Jet black with cherry red hints for a striking look.

5.Mahogany Glow:

Dark brown with a reddish sheen, offering a warm glow.

6.Chestnut Spark:

Dark chestnut with lively red streaks for a radiant finish.

7.Plum Rush:

Deep purple with red accents, merging boldness and elegance.

8.Cocoa Rouge:

Dark chocolate with a touch of red, for subtle sophistication.

9.Onyx Rose:

Black with rose red highlights, creating a romantic vibe.

10.Sable Sunset:

Dark sable with a reddish tint, echoing the sunset's hues.

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