10 Up hairstyles for long hair for work


Classic High Bun:

Neat and professional, keeps hair tidy throughout the day.

Low Chignon:

Elegant and understated, perfect for formal work environments.

French Twist:

Sophisticated style that’s ideal for presentations and meetings.

Braided Crown:

Keeps hair off the face while adding a touch of elegance.

Sleek Ponytail:

A smooth, high ponytail that’s chic and practical for busy days.

Half-Up French Braid:

Combines the polish of a braid with the ease of a half-up style.

Twisted Halo Updo:

Twists around the crown for a look that’s stylish yet conservative.

Bun with Side Braid:

Adds a creative twist to a simple bun, suitable for creative workplaces.

Pinned Back Curls:

Securely pins curls at the back for a soft, approachable look.

Looped Ponytail:

A unique take on the classic ponytail, looping the length for added interest.

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