8 Very short hair highlights and lowlights


Platinum Highlights: Add platinum highlights to very short hair for a bold and striking look.

Caramel Lowlights: Incorporate caramel lowlights to add depth and dimension to short hair.

Ash Blonde Highlights: Opt for ash blonde highlights for a cool and modern touch to very short hair.

Chocolate Brown Lowlights: Add chocolate brown lowlights for a warm and rich contrast.

Honey Blonde Highlights: Embrace honey blonde highlights for a soft and natural look.

Red Lowlights: Try red lowlights to create a vibrant and eye-catching effect in short hair.

Balayage Highlights: Choose balayage highlights for a seamless and blended transition

Dark Plum Lowlights: Add dark plum lowlights for a dramatic and bold statement in short hair.

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