8 Sew styles with long hair


Sleek Straight Sew-In: Perfect for achieving a long, flowing, and sleek look with minimal fuss.

Deep Wave Sew-In: Adds voluptuous waves for a dramatic, full-bodied style.

Layered Sew-In: Creates natural-looking layers that add movement and depth.

Voluminous Curls Sew-In: Large, bouncy curls that provide a glamorous, red-carpet ready appearance.

Blunt Cut Sew-In: A sharp, straight cut across the bottom for a modern, chic look.

Highlight Sew-In: Incorporate highlights to add dimension and a sun-kissed effect.

Asymmetrical Sew-In: A bold, uneven cut that adds an edgy twist to long hair.

Bohemian Sew-In: Loose, carefree waves paired with maybe some braids for a boho-chic vibe.

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