8 red foils in dark brown hair


Bold Red Highlights: Add a vibrant pop of red to dark brown hair for a striking contrast.

Subtle Red Balayage: Incorporate red foils subtly for a natural-looking, sun-kissed effect.

Coppery Red Accents: Enhance dark brown hair with warm coppery red foils

Burgundy Foil Highlights: Infuse deep burgundy tones into dark brown hair

Red Peekaboo Foils: Hide red foils underneath layers for a fun and playful peekaboo effect.

Fiery Red Ombre: Transition from dark brown to fiery red with ombre red foils for a bold

Red Foiled Layers: Add depth and dimension to layered dark brown hair

Red Foiled Bangs: Frame the face with red foiled bangs for a statement look

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