8 Long Layered Cuts with Side Bangs


Classic Layers with Soft Bangs: Timeless Beauty in Classic Layers and Gentle Side Bangs

Choppy Layers with Textured Bangs: Add Personality with Choppy Layers and Textured Side Bangs

Feathered Layers with Wispy Bangs: Flowy and Feminine Feathered Layers with Wispy Side Bangs

Straight Cut with Sleek Bangs: Sleek and Modern with Straight Layers and Polished Side Bangs

Voluminous Waves with Bold Bangs: Dramatic Voluminous Waves Paired with Bold Side Bangs

Cascading Layers with Blended Bangs: Soft Cascading Layers 

Curly Layers with Curled Bangs: Embrace Curls with Layered Ringlets and Curly Side Bangs

Layered Balayage with Side Bangs: Enhance Depth with Layered Balayage and Side-Swept Bangs

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