8 Long layered curly hair with bangs


Asymmetrical Cut: Unique Asymmetrical Style with Subtle Wispy Bangs

Angled Bob: Chic Angled Bob with Wispy Bangs Adding Softness

Shaggy Style: Shaggy Layers with Wispy Bangs for a Boho Look

Blunt Shoulder Cut: Edgy Blunt Cut with Wispy Bangs for a Bold Statement

Curly with Bangs: Embrace Natural Curls Paired with Delicate Wispy Bangs

Textured Lob: Modern Textured Lob with Light Wispy Bangs for Added Flair

Layered Waves: Gentle Layered Waves with Wispy Bangs for a Romantic Feel

Classic Straight Cut: Sleek and Simple Straight Cut Complemented by Soft Wispy Bangs

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