8 Long hair on top shorter on sides


The Curly Top Fade: Embrace your curls with a voluminous.

The Messy Tousle: Casual yet fashionable, with a deliberately disheveled top and neatly trimmed sides for contrast.

The Bro Flow: Longer, natural flow on top with subtly shortened sides for a relaxed vibe.

The Faux Hawk: Edgy long strips on top with shaved or faded sides, making a strong visual impact.

The Quiff: Dynamic and textured top with tapered sides, perfect for a trendy appearance.

The Side Part: Classic elegance with a long, combed-over top and close-cut sides.

The Undercut: Sleek long top with sharply trimmed sides for a clean, contemporary edge.

The Pompadour: Voluminous top with faded sides, ideal for a bold statement.

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