8 Hairstyles for short 4b natural hair


Shingled Hair: Showcase Natural Texture with the Shingling Method

Bantu Knots: Create Bold Bantu Knots for a Fun and Funky Style

Flat Twist Updo: Elegant Flat Twist Updo for a Polished Look

Defined Wash-and-Go: Perfect Your Wash-and-Go for Defined, Hydrated Curls

Sponge Twists: Achieve a Textured Look with Easy Sponge Twists

Mini Afropuffs: Cute and Playful Mini Afropuffs for Everyday Wear

Finger Coils: Define Your Curls with Stylish Finger Coils

TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro): Embrace the Simplicity and Style of a Classic TWA

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