8 Creative half cornrows half box braids


Triangle Cornrows: Stylish Triangle Cornrows Leading into Neat Box Braids

Colorful Braids: Introduce Color with Vibrant Braids for a Fun Twist

Updo Style: Fashion an Updo with Cornrows Up Front and Braids Piled High

Curly Ends: Soften Your Style with Curly Ends on Box Braids

Classic Crown: Wrap flat twists around the head for a regal crown updo.

Beaded Braids: Accessorize with Beads on Box Braids for a Chic Look

Side-Swept Cornrows: Elegant Side-Swept Cornrows with Flowing Box Braids

Classic Mix: A Timeless Blend of Straight Back Cornrows and Free-Hanging Box Braids

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