8 Black male hairstyles for long hair


Afro: Embrace your natural texture with a classic afro hairstyle.

Dreadlocks: Style long hair into dreadlocks for a bold and culturally significant hairstyle.

Twists: Opt for twists to add texture and volume to long hair, creating a stylish and versatile look.

Braids: Choose braids as a protective and fashionable hairstyle for long hair.

Top Knot: Create a top knot with long hair for a trendy and edgy appearance.

Cornrows: Try cornrows for a neat and intricate hairstyle that suits long hair.

Box Braids: Embrace box braids as a stylish and low-maintenance option for long hair.

Ponytail: Keep it simple yet stylish with a long hair ponytail, perfect for everyday wear.

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