10 shoulder length hair for thick hair


Layered Lob:

Opt for a layered lob to lighten thick hair and add movement, enhancing natural texture.

Textured Waves:

Embrace natural volume with a cut that encourages soft, textured waves throughout.

Blunt Cut:

A chic, straight-across blunt cut showcases the density of thick hair while maintaining a clean line.

Long Bob with Bangs:

Incorporate full bangs with a long bob for a stylish, balanced look that frames the face.

Shag Cut:

A modern shag with varied layers reduces bulk and adds a trendy, edgy feel.

Feathered Layers:

Light feathered layers starting at chin length can soften thick hair and add graceful style.

Angled Bob:

Choose an angled bob that's shorter at the back and longer in the front for a dynamic, easy-to-style look.

Soft Curls:

Cut to encourage natural curls or soft waves that can help manage and distribute hair’s volume.


An undercut at the nape can remove excess weight and coolly contrast with the fullness on top.

Sleek and Straight:

A shoulder-length style cut to fall sleek and straight, emphasizing the richness and shine of thick hair.

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