10 shoulder length curly hairstyles with layers


Bouncy Layers:

Voluminous curls with dynamic layers for a lively look.

Soft Ringlets:

Gentle, layered curls that frame the face with elegance.

Layered Lob:

Chic, curly lob with strategic layers for texture and movement.

Romantic Waves:

Shoulder-length layers with soft, dreamy curls

Beachy Curls:

Relaxed, tousled layers for a carefree, natural vibe.

Spiral Charm:

Tight, spiraled layers for a playful, energetic style.

Voluminous Glam:

Thick layers with bold curls for a glamorous effect.

Textured Waves:

Layered, shoulder-length with a textured, undone look.

Defined Curls:

Clear, structured layers that enhance each curl's shape.

Casual Flair:

Effortless, layered curls for an easygoing, stylish finish.

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