10 Razor Cut Hairstyles for Long Hair


Layered Elegance:

Sleek long layers with a razor for fluidity.

Feathered Flow:

Soft, feathered ends for a lightweight feel.

Edgy Angles:

Sharp, angular cuts for a bold statement.

Textured Waves:

Enhanced natural waves with subtle razor cuts.

Wispy Ends:

Delicate wisping at the ends for a gentle flair.

V-Cut Vitality:

A dynamic V-shaped back with layered texture.

Cascading Curtains:

Long, cascading layers for added volume.

Boho Bangs:

Long hair with razor-cut bangs for a boho vibe.

Sleek and Straight:

Razor-cut ends for a clean, straight look.

Dramatic Thinning:

Reduce bulk and add movement with thinning techniques.

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