10 Pixie cuts for round faces with glasses


Asymmetrical Pixie:

Sleek on one side, it adds an edge that complements round faces and glasses.

Layered Pixie:

Multilayered to add volume on top, balancing the roundness of the face.

Pixie with Long Bangs:

Bangs sweep across the forehead, adding angles and framing glasses nicely.

Shaggy Pixie:

Textured layers for a playful look that contrasts well with structured glasses.

Pixie with Side Part:

Deep side part adds volume and breaks up the roundness visually.

Edgy Spiked Pixie:

Spikes draw the eye upwards, making a bold statement with any glasses.

Soft Pixie Bob:

A longer pixie cut that softens features and pairs well with rounded frames.

Pixie with Tapered Sides:

Tapering enhances the cheekbones and balances wider glasses.

Undercut Pixie:

A modern twist that adds a daring element, ideal for statement eyewear.

Curly Pixie:

Embrace natural curls for added height and texture, perfect with bold frames.

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