10 Mid length butterfly haircut straight hair


Classic Butterfly Cut:

Layered for volume, ideal for a timeless and balanced look.

Feathered Layers:

Soft feathering enhances the flow and texture of the butterfly cut.

Face-Framing Strands:

Strategic layers that accentuate facial features subtly.

Sleek with Middle Part:

A polished look with layers that gently curve inwards.

Choppy Layers:

Adds a modern twist with uneven, textured layers for more body.

Blunt Ends:

Combines the butterfly layering with blunt ends for a chic edge.

Soft Bangs Integration:

Incorporates light bangs that blend seamlessly into layers.

Asymmetrical Style:

One side longer than the other for a unique, fashionable statement.

Curtain Bangs with Layers:

Trendy curtain bangs that perfectly complement the layered cut.

Tousled Waves:

Adds a bit of wave to the layers for a casual, voluminous look.

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