10 Medium curly hair with bangs hairstyles


Bouncy Bob with Curly Bangs:

Embrace a playful look with a bouncy bob complemented by soft, curly bangs.

Layered Curls with Fringe:

Layered medium curls paired with a full, textured fringe create dynamic volume.

Messy Waves with Side Bangs:

Opt for a casual vibe with messy waves and sweeping side bangs.

Defined Curls with Blunt Bangs:

Contrast defined curls with blunt bangs for a bold, structured look.

Beachy Waves with Curtain Bangs:

Channel a breezy style with beachy waves and soft curtain bangs.

Voluminous Curls:

Maximize volume with lush curls and light, wispy bangs.

Shag Cut with Curly Bangs:

Go retro with a curly shag cut featuring prominent bangs for an edgy finish.

Tousled Curls with Straight Bangs:

Mix textures with tousled curls and sleek, straight bangs for a unique style.

Glam Curls with Feathered Bangs:

Add a touch of glam with tightly coiled curls and delicately feathered bangs.

Natural Curls:

Show off natural curls with trendy micro bangs for a chic, modern twist.

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