10  Low cut hairstyles for black males


Clean Buzz Cut:

A sharp, low maintenance style that's both classic and modern.

Low Fade:

Gradual fading at the sides adds depth and style to a simple low cut.

Crew Cut:

A slightly longer top with neatly trimmed sides for a tidy appearance.

360 Waves:

Skillfully trained waves that wrap around the head for a sleek look.

Bald Fade:

Combines a near-bald sides with a subtle fade into a short top.

Caesar Cut:

A straight, horizontal fringe with an even, low length all around.

Low Taper Fade:

A minimal fade at the temples that enhances the natural hairline.

Textured Top Low Fade:

A bit of length on top for texture, combined with a clean fade.

Geometric Cut:

Sharp angles and clean lines for a contemporary, artistic style.

Simple Close Crop:

Neatly cropped all over for a low-effort, clean-cut look.

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