10 Layered hair styles for wavy hair


Beachy Layers:

Casual, loose layers that enhance natural waves for a beach-inspired look.

Soft Cascade:

Gradual layers fall beautifully to amplify wavy hair’s natural texture.

Choppy Bob:

A short, layered bob that adds bounce and dimension to wavy hair.

Long Flowing Layers:

Longer layers that keep waves light and voluminous, perfect for lengthy hair.

Layered Lob:

A trendy, shoulder-length cut with layers that boost body and movement.

Shaggy Waves:

Inspired by the '70s shag cut, this style maximizes volume and frames the face.

Textured Layers:

Strategic layers cut in to add texture and depth to enhance waviness.

Framing Layers:

Layers cut specifically to frame the face, accentuating features with soft waves.

Voluminous Layers:

Multiple layers cut to create a full-bodied look, making waves appear thicker.

Undercut with Layers:

An undercut at the back to reduce bulk, with visible layers on top to maintain wave structure.

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