10 Hairstyles to Hide a Big Forehead


Side-Swept Bangs:

Effortlessly covers part of the forehead, adding softness to the face.

Full Fringe:

Straight across bangs that completely conceal the forehead for a chic look.

Layered Bangs:

Textured and feathered bangs break up the forehead line subtly.

Asymmetrical Bob:

Shorter cut on one side diverts attention from the forehead.

Wavy Long Layers:

Waves add volume and draw the eye away from the forehead.

Pompadour Style:

Lifts the hair upwards and backwards, minimizing forehead prominence.

Braided Crown:

Wraps around the head, pulling focus upwards and away from the forehead.

Wispy Bangs:

Light, airy bangs that soften the facial features and cover the forehead.

Textured Shag Cut:

Multiple layers and textures distract from the forehead area.

Slicked-Back Look:

Draws attention back and away from the forehead while looking stylish.

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