10 Hairstyles for Black Girls with Weave


Sleek Straight Weave:

Achieve a chic look with a flat ironed, silky-smooth weave.

Box Braids with Weave:

Combine tradition and style with long, versatile braids.

Curly Weave Bob:

Embrace volume and texture with a short, bouncy bob.

High Ponytail Weave:

Go for a sleek, sophisticated style with a high, long ponytail.

Weave with Bangs:

Frame your face beautifully with a weave that includes straight or side-swept bangs.

Layered Weave Cut:

Add dimension and movement with layered lengths in your weave.

Colorful Weave Highlights:

Brighten your look with bold or subtle streaks of color in your weave.

Deep Side Part Weave:

Create a dramatic, asymmetrical look with a deep side parting.

Weave Updo:

Perfect for formal occasions, style your weave into an elegant updo.

Natural Textured Weave:

Embrace a natural look with a weave that mimics your natural hair texture, perfect for versatile styling and a seamless blend.

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