10 hairstyle for  curly hair on top fade on sides


Classic Curl Fade:

Tight curls on top with a smooth fade on the sides for a sharp contrast.

Tapered Afro Fade:

Voluminous curls with tapered sides for a sleek, modern look.

High Top Fade:

Prominent curly top with high fade sides for a bold statement.

Textured Crop Fade:

Short, defined curls with a subtle fade for a textured appeal.

Curly Mohawk Fade:

Dramatic curls down the center with faded sides for an edgy style.

Curly Pompadour Fade:

Voluminous front curls with a sharp side fade, merging classic and contemporary.

Drop Fade with Curls:

Gradual fade at the back and sides, keeping the focus on the curly top.

Curly Quiff Fade:

Styled curls on top with a clean fade for a chic look.

Twist Out Fade:

Defined twist curls with a neat fade, showcasing texture and precision.

Curly Undercut Fade:

Long curls on top with a stark undercut fade for a striking profile.

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