10 Haircuts for fine hair over 60


Feathered Bob:

Adds movement and texture to fine hair for a youthful appearance.

Soft Layers Cut:

Gentle layers enhance volume, making hair look fuller and lively.

Classic Pixie:

Low maintenance and stylish, ideal for highlighting delicate features.

Angled Lob:

A longer bob cut at an angle to provide shape and volume.

Volume-Boosting Shag:

Shaggy layers help to create depth and body in thin hair.

Chic Crop:

Short and sleek, easy to manage, and perfect for a sophisticated look.

Blunt Cut Bob:

A clean, even cut that makes fine hair appear thicker.

Wavy Shoulder Cut:

Light waves add volume and a soft, feminine touch to the hairstyle.

Wispy Bangs Cut:

Bangs bring focus to the eyes while adding style to simple cuts.

Textured Flip:

Flipped ends introduce dynamism and a sense of fun to everyday styles.

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