10 Haircut for men with straight hair


Crew Cut:

Short and neat, easy to maintain for a clean, classic look.

Side Part:

Polished and timeless, perfect for formal and casual settings.


Trendy contrast with short sides and longer top for versatility.

Textured Quiff:

Effortless, layered curls for an easygoing, stylish finish.

Buzz Cut:

Ultra-short, practical, and effortlessly cool for active boys.


Slick and volumized top, retro flair for a standout style.

Spiky Look:

Fun and edgy, spikes add a dynamic, youthful edge.

Fringe Cut:

Straight bangs for a modern, artistic vibe.

Slicked Back:

Smooth and sophisticated, timeless in appeal.

Layered Cut:

Adds depth and movement, keeping straight hair lively.

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