10 good hairstyles for men with curly hair


Tapered Fade:

Combine a neat tapered fade with natural curls on top for a sharp, manageable style.

Curly Undercut:

Sport an undercut with longer curls on top for a bold contrast that highlights natural texture.

Textured Crop:

Opt for a textured crop that allows curls to add volume and dimension to the style.

Curly Pompadour:

Elevate curls into a voluminous pompadour for a trendy and classic look.

Side Part Curls:

Implement a defined side part to add structure to curly hair, offering a polished appearance.

Medium Length Curls:

Keep curls shoulder-length for a free-flowing, bohemian vibe that’s easy to style.

Short and Tight Curls:

Go for a close crop to maintain tight curls that are easy to manage daily.

Long Curly Layers:

Allow curls to grow out and layer them for a laid-back, natural look.

Curly Quiff:

Style curls forward into a quiff for a modern twist on a classic style.

Buzz Cut with Curly Top:

Maintain a short buzzed cut on the sides with a curly top for minimal styling needs.

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