10  Cool hairstyles for teenage guys


Textured Crop:

A modern, low-maintenance look with plenty of texture on top.

Undercut with a Slick Back:

Edgy undercut sides with sleek, combed-back hair on top.

Side Part Pompadour:

Classic and polished, with a voluminous pomp and neat side part.

Messy Waves:

Casual and effortless, great for naturally wavy hair.

Buzz Cut:

Simple and sharp, perfect for sports and easy styling.

Faux Hawk:

Bold and expressive, spiked up in the center for an edgy look.

Crew Cut with Fade:

Clean-cut and stylish, with a smooth fade that blends into a short top.

Long Top, Short Sides:

Keeps the hair longer on top for styling versatility, with shorter sides for neatness.

Curly Top Fade:

Embraces natural curls with a trendy fade that adds a modern twist.

Angular Fringe:

A contemporary style with an angular cut fringe that adds a creative edge.

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