10 Best hairstyle for long face


Shoulder-Length Bob:

Perfectly balances the length of the face with a chic, even cut.

Soft Waves:

Adds width and softens the facial features with gentle, flowing curls.

Side-Swept Bangs:

Breaks the length of the face, creating a flattering asymmetry.

Layered Curls:

Builds volume on the sides to contrast and complement a long face.

Textured Lob:

A medium-length cut with texture adds breadth to the face structure.

Full Fringe:

Horizontal lines of a full bang reduce face length visually.

Volume-Packed Pixie:

Short, voluminous style that enhances facial features dynamically.

Beachy Waves:

Casual waves that add fullness to the sides of a long face.

Rounded Bob:

A bob with a rounded silhouette softens and widens the facial appearance.

Long Layers:

Strategically placed layers can add volume and break the face's length.

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