10 Best haircut for fine wavy hair


Layered Bob:

Enhance volume with a layered bob that adds texture and movement to fine wavy hair.

Long Pixie Cut:

Opt for a longer pixie that allows waves to softly frame the face, providing a chic, easy-to-maintain style.

Shoulder-Length with Bangs:

Try a shoulder-length cut with light bangs to balance and complement fine, wavy textures.

Asymmetrical Lob:

An asymmetrical lob can create an illusion of thickness, making it perfect for fine waves.

Soft Shag:

Embrace a modern shag with soft layers that boost volume and body in fine wavy hair.

Beachy Waves:

A mid-length cut styled with beachy waves offers a casual and fuller appearance.

Blunt Cut:

A blunt cut at the collarbone keeps fine hair looking thick and healthy, perfect for enhancing natural waves.

Textured Layers:

Incorporate various short and long layers to add depth and volume without weighing down waves.

Feathered Cut:

A feathered cut around the face lightens up the hair and adds playful movement to fine, wavy strands.

Curtain Bangs:

Pair any length with curtain bangs for a trendy and volumizing effect on fine, wavy hair.

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