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Ditch Over the Counter Pain Creams for Natural Pain Relief

Pain, unfortunately, is a part of life. Wow, we really know how to start off a blog post right?! But it’s the truth! We experience pain due to over-worked muscles, arthritis, or even just growing! Pain sometimes can be treated with hydration, over the counter medicines, or if severe enough, you will be given a…

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Ditch drugstore Soap for Natural Bar Soap

Every day, multiple times a day, we meet soap. Whether it be in liquid form or bar form, soap is all around us. Many people argue which is better, liquid or bar. Since the creation of liquid soap in 1865 and became more widely used in the 20th century, people have taken sides on which one…

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Which CBD is for me?

*Original Blog is from Green Gorilla. With CBD’s recent surge in popularity, one of the most frequently asked questions is “how much CBD should I take?” There isn’t a clean cut answer to this. Cannabidiol, aka CBD, is not a one size fits all type of product. There are many factors that affect optimal dosage,…

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Hemp Oil & CBD are not the same thing

What? Really? We get asked all the time if we have hemp oil. We do, but in the context, we know what is really being asked. 99.9% of the time the real question is, “Do you have CBD?” This mix-up is totally understandable and we can see why hemp oil and CBD would be seen…

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Deodorant Recipe: Sensitive

Hello everyone! Last week we posted a natural deodorant recipe that is a big favorite. This recipe contains baking soda which can be an irritant for some people’s skin so we decided to do an alternative recipe designed specifically for sensitive skin. We want everyone to be able to make their own natural deodorant if…

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Fall Fun

Fall is one of our favorite seasons here at Good Nature Essentials. There are so many beautiful sights, smells, and tastes that go along with the season. To usher us into this lovely time of year we wanted to share some simple and fun activities that are great to do with your friends and family,…

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Bulk Station Recipe: Deodorant

When you are going “all-natural” with your body care the scariest leap by far I would say is deodorant. Facewash and moisturizers are simple; you know they will likely work and if they don’t work exactly how you want them to the consequences are practically nonexistent. However, if the natural deodorant doesn’t work it is…

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Natural Pain Relief: Arnica

We are all about Natural Pain Relief. Things like ibuprofen and acetaminophen can be handy in a pinch but research is showing that people are using these in much higher dosages than is healthy. This is why we are aiming at making natural pain-relieving products so you don’t have to be dependent on pills to…

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Body Care Products as a part of a Healthy Lifestyle

Having natural body care products can oftentimes seem like icing on the “natural health” cake. Not totally necessary, but it adds extra sweetness and flavor. However, we know those people who would think my prior sentence is total blasphemy. “How can you have a cake without icing? There is just something wrong with that!” We…

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From Our Family to Yours

We began our natural products journey with the mission to make natural products for our family. Once we began doing this, our vision quickly grew and expanded to include your family! As Good Nature Essentials blossomed, we quickly realized that natural products can seem intimidating and that was something we never wanted our customers to…

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