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How to use an Essential Oil Diffuser

essential oil diffuser

If you have spent any amount of time with us you know that we love essential oils! They are so versatile and are great to incorporate into your home and body care routine. A great and easy way to incorporate essential oils into your home is to diffuse them. Diffusing is a great way to…

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Natural Cleaning Hacks

Switching to a chemical free home can be overwhelming. Once you become conscious of what’s harmful to the environment and our bodies, you start discovering every product you pick up off the store shelf seems to contain something toxic. Cleaning products are the worst, containing phthalates, bleach, ammonia, chlorine, dyes and more. I was horrified…

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Relaxation: We All Need It!

Are you tired and stressed? What about tired of feeling stressed? In our fast-paced, work-driven culture it’s hard not to feel the pressure, whether it’s because of work, school, or our own expectations we set for ourselves. Some stress has been proven to be good. It can push us to achieve those goals and give…

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Sleep Issues? Stop Counting Sheep and Wake Up Refreshed!

Are you counting sheep to help you sleep? Insomnia affects up to fifty percent of adults, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine [1]. During teenage years lack of sleep starts to become a common problem. From there it seems to progress into a larger problem. A lack of sleep increases, and the quality…

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Hopefully our last post left you feeling more confident about what essential oils are and their basic uses. We are just starting to venture into this world and before we start moving in too deep we wanted to cover some safety tips. It may not seem like there is much that would go along with them, but…

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