What Is the Cause of Itchy Gums?

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You'd think your gums wouldn't be one of the locations where you'd get a sudden need to scratch. Itchy gums, according to dental professionals, are not uncommon.

While gum irritation is not always cause for concern, it can signal the existence of certain health issues in some circumstances.

Itchy gums have modest causes. TeethTalkGirl says you may acquire a canker sore or scrape as your mouth heals.

Itchy gums can occasionally accompany wisdom teeth growth, say experts. After wisdom teeth removal, some people feel itchy gums.

Experts at Definitive Dental, however, warn that itchiness in the gums is typically due to a lack of attention to oral hygiene.

Healthline says poor oral hygiene might lead to plaque buildup. Food residue, mucous, and bacteria can worsen plaque buildup, causing itchy gums.

Alternatively, if you wear dentures or other dental equipment that aren't properly suited to your mouth, your gums may itch as well.

Food particles caught between the device and gums can promote bacterial growth. Itchy gums or infection can result.

Itchy gums can be a sign of a food allergy. Food allergies can cause anaphylactic shock, which requires rapid medical intervention.

Many individuals have temporary gum discomfort. Whatever is causing your gum pain, better dental hygiene and professional support might definitely help.

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