Is Sitting With Crossed Legs Affect Your Posture?

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When sitting, many of us find that crossing our legs is the most relaxed position. But we shouldn't assume that since something is pleasurable that it's also good for us.

There's mounting evidence that sitting with your legs crossed is bad for your health, both in the short and long term.

Our posture seems to suffer the most when we are slouched. Let's know how crossing your legs can result in poor posture and other health problems.

According to Women's Health, slouching is a natural result of sitting with our legs crossed because of the nature of the position.

According to Healthline, when we sit for extended periods of time with one leg over the other, our pelvis starts to spin and tilt.

This might produce pain in your lower back in the short term, but it can also create spine misalignment over time.

A 2014 study indicated that people who crossed their legs for at least three hours a day had significantly tilted pelvis', indicating one hip was higher than the other.

In the same study, participants in this group were also found to have one shoulder that was higher than the other and their necks were pulled forward more.

Fixing your posture can be a good enough reason to break the habit of sitting with your legs crossed if you've been taught that this is the correct way to sit.

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