Are Quartz And Jade Rollers Are Really Beneficial?

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Quartz and jade rollers are the latest beauty trend. Many people who have experienced the benefits of face rolling consider these rollers to be necessities.

Kate Somerville says face rolling is massaging the face with a stone to tone and detoxify. Users love adding jade and quartz to their skincare for their extra benefits.

However, it's unlikely that a simple tool can provide so many benefits by simply rolling it on the skin. Are they really useful?

Are They Really Useful?

How you use jade and quartz face rollers will determine how useful they are to you. Proper use of can reduce swelling, improve blood flow, and relieve facial tension.

What can they do?

Facial rollers have the potential to reduce the signs of aging and tighten the skin on your face with the right technique.

All facial rollers have their uses, but jade and quartz rollers are a little bit different. Quartz, unlike jade, is safe for skin contact because it does not heat up.

Furthermore, quartz is naturally composed of skin-beneficial minerals such as magnesium, oxygen, iron, and sodium.


Both jade and quartz can be easily incorporated into a skincare regimen and can be used to enhance the efficacy of other skincare products.

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