Chewing slowly reduces food intake, increases satiety, and reduces portion sizes.

Chew Slowly

Protein curbs hunger. It reduces appetite and helps you eat less calories.

Protein-rich diet

Seeing unhealthy meals can boost hunger and cravings, leading to overeating.

Hide unhealthy foods

Fiber-rich foods may help you feel full longer. Viscous fibre helps with weight loss, according to studies. It lowers food intake and fullness.

Fiber-rich foods

Water before meals can help you eat less and lose weight.

Regularly hydrate

People overlook sleep and stress for their health. Both affect hunger and weight.

Sleep Well and Avoid Stress

Added sugar may be the worst dietary element. Soda increases the risk of several diseases.

Avoid sugary beverages

Restaurant portions have grown in recent decades. Larger portions lead to greater eating and weight gain/obesity.

Smaller servings

Watching what you eat can help you cut calories. People who eat while watching TV or playing computers may overeat. Overeating can result.

Electronics-free eating

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