Pinterest has several slow cooker recipes that help us eat healthy on a budget.


This is a terrific college or roommate tip. Take a plane with your roommates to hang out and shop for the week/month.

Sharing grocery memberships

Thrive Market sells wholesale natural and organic items.

Thrive Market

When made correctly, you'll appreciate most plant-based proteins. If you're not ready to give up meat completely, replace half of it with plant-based protein.

Cost-Effective Meals

In-season produce tastes better and is cheaper. These meals are cheaper and healthier.

Eat in Season

People waste so much money on unused items.

Focus on your Pantry

Coupons and sales alerts are digital now. Follow your favourite grocery retailers on Facebook, Twitter, and their newsletters to learn about last-minute deals.

Online Grocery Shopping

You can enjoy a wide variety of dishes by investing in spices and sauces.

Invest in spices, skip specialty items, and spend on durables

Instead of writing your weekly menu before grocery shopping, make it after you've gotten the week's best deals.

Make sale-item-based recipes

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