8 Foods Known To Make Hair Stronger & Healthier!

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1) Yogurt

The yogurt is loaded with vitamins B and D. Vitamin D promotes healthy hair follicles. Their blockage causes baldness, thus it is essential to maintain them.

2) Eggs

Egg is a source of protein and biotin, which aids in keratin formation (a type of protein that is the basic building block of hair)

3) Cabbage

This variety of vegetable is an excellent source of iron, vitamin C, vitamin A, and beta-carotene. Vitamin A is essential for healthy scalp hydration and hair growth

4) Legumes

Antioxidant zinc is abundant in legumes. Growth and repair of hair are aided. If you're lacking it, you'll notice it in your hair and skin, but you'll feel it all over your body.

5) White meat

Meat's vitamin B, protein, and minerals promote healthy hair. Hair protein comes from beef. Protein-rich hair follicles promote healthy hair development.

6) Salmon

Fish is the primary food source for omega fatty acids. These acids aid in keeping the skin adequately hydrated.

7) Walnuts & almonds

Walnuts are rich in vitamins B and E, omega-3 fatty acids, and zinc; by ingesting them, we can improve the strength and luster of our hair.

8) Citrus fruits

Vitamin C is abundant in citrus fruits; it aids in the absorption of iron and the synthesis of collagen, which is needed for healthy joints, teeth, and hair.

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