Let us answer some Frequently Asked Questions for you: 

 Q: Do you make everything you sell? 

- Yes we do!  Everything that has the Good Nature Essentials label on it (with the exception of 10 ml Essential Oil bottles) is handmade at our store.  We do not buy bases of product in bulk and just re-package it.  We put in the work to formulate each product and test it out before putting it out for sale. 


Q:  What makes your bar soap different from others? 

- Our bar soap is made with organic oils and butters.  It lathers like any liquid soap and rinses off completely clean. It is a harder bar of soap so it won't just "melt" away. And it does not dry your skin out. 

It is best to keep it out of standing water and let it dry in between uses.  For best results, use a washcloth or loofah to wash body.  (Using the soap bar directly on your body will use it up much faster.)


Q: Where do you get your essential oils?

 - We source our essential oils from trusted and researched vendors.  The oils are all high quality, therapeutic grade that are third party tested to ensure purity.  They are sourced from all over the world so we are sure to have the best oils available. 


Q: What if I have sensitive skin? 

- We have what you need!  We have unscented options available for those that have issues with using any kind of scented product.  The products we have that are scented are not strong or overpowering.  

The ingredients we use nourish the skin and help it to heal.  So you are essentially "feeding" your skin what it needs.  We have many customers that came to us with an issue of sensitive skin and are now returning customers that tell all their friends about how our products helped them! 


Q: What is a "Phthalate"?  

 Phthalates are endocrine disruptors and androgen blocking chemicals. This means that when absorbed into the body phthalates can either mimic or block female hormones, or in males, suppress the hormones involved in male sexual development. And, phthalates cross the placenta. 

Phthalates are also what cause some to "react" to a candle or scent (i.e. headache, coughing, burning eyes, etc).  So, as you can see, we don't believe they should be in any products you use!  

We never use any cancer causing ingredients or toxins.  Only safe products that help your body to look and feel better!

Check out this article for more information: 



 Q: I have used other Skin Care lines but didn't really see results.  What about yours? 

- Our skin care line is formulated to feed and heal your skin.  It will help to balance the pH of your skin, decrease any issues (like dryness, oily or acne), shrink pores and bring out your healthy, glowing face!  And, yes, it has anti-aging benefits as well! 


Q: Do you have products safe for my baby or young child?  

- Yes!  We have options like lavender or oatmeal bar soap, unscented body cream and some essential rollerballs to name a few.  Our products are safe for your whole family to use.


Q: Can I return something if I don't like it? 

- Due to the nature of our products, we do not accept returns or give refunds.  The exception to this is if the product is defective in any way.  This includes the container or if something is wrong with the product.  If you have an issue with a product, please send us an email with pictures to info@goodnatureessentials.com and we will assist you.