Meet the Faces of Good Nature Essentials



Hey Beautiful Friends! I am Roberta Boitnott - Owner & Formulator of Good Nature Essentials.

I started making natural products after my husband and I both had received a cancer diagnosis in our early 30’s. This lead me to research the ingredients listed in our everyday products. I quickly discovered the absolute junk ingredients that are in our food, our body care and items we cleaned our home with. I knew we needed to change. I threw out every commercially owned product and starting making my own all natural products. I knew this would be our new way of life and I’ve never looked back. My husband & I are completely cancer free! All glory to God!

Good Nature Essentials has grown out of my passion to help others find freedom from “toxic” products! Every product we make at Good Nature Essentials is completely handmade with purposefully chosen ingredients. You can be confident they are safe for you and your family. I love all my customers and I’m so grateful they trust me to help provide them, and their families, with all natural, organic, clean & simple everyday products! It’s what we do everyday that will impact our tomorrows!

My hope is that Good Nature Essentials becomes your #1 family-owned store to shop so you too can see and feel the difference with the all natural lifestyle! 



Hey Friends!  I am Ashley Bicehouse - Social Media & Marketing Manager...aka the "VP" of Good Nature Essentials. 

I started working at GNE in 2019 "known as the girl behind the counter".  I never dreamed I would be in the position I am today, Roberta's right hand woman!  Seeing Roberta's passion and why behind her products is one of the reasons I love being her assistant!  Also because there is never a dull moment!  

I, too, know what it's like to watch someone you love plagued by cancer as I lost my mom to it in 2020.  Changing your lifestyle from toxic chemicals to all natural products not only affects you but your whole family. 

Everyday I wake up, I don't feel like I am going to work but that I am fulfilling a purpose.  I absolutely love helping others choose the right products for them, lending a listening ear and giving an encouraging word to all I talk to!

When I am taking pictures I always look for the perfect lighting because I know how it enhances the products. Not only do I want to enhance product but bring out the best in people's lives by shining Jesus's light in everything I do.  I look forward to seeing all the beautiful faces in the store and talking with our social media family as well!  

I am so excited for the expansion of Good Nature Essentials and can't wait to see where God takes us!