Ditch Regular Candles for Natural Soy Candles

With the leaves changing and the weather getting colder, there is nothing better than lighting a candle to fill the room with our favorite fragrances. When the room is filled with the aroma of the candles it feels like bliss. You get transported to your own kind of paradise and before you know it the relaxation just seeps through you. However, the candles that we love to burn, the ones that fill our room almost as soon as we light it with its fragrance, are not the best candle for your body.

The most common type of candle is made of paraffin which is a product of petroleum. According to an article by Live Strong, these candles may contain carcinogenic substances. These candles also produce a lot of soot, which can be seen on the containers of the candle. The black residue is the soot that is released in the air while the candle is burning. This soot then goes into the air and into your lungs! That is so not healthy for you, your family, or pets. Also, these candles contain fragrance oils that are filled with phthalates which have been shown to be carcinogenic and hard on your body. Oftentimes when people suffer from migraines associated with fragrance the cause can be linked to the phthalates.

So, what is the alternative to the paraffin candles? How about trying natural soy candles instead! These candles are made from soybean and it’s a natural and renewable resource. Our natural soy candles still smell amazing with phthalate-free fragrance oil. These candles burn cleaner compared to the paraffin candles as they produce very little soot while being burned and don’t release toxins into the air. Soy candles even last longer than the paraffin candles; paraffin candles burn hotter and faster while soy burns slower and cooler. This means a longer shelf-life which is a win! Candles are such a great thing to include in the home. That is why we wanted to ensure that you have a healthy and safe option! With the holidays coming up, don’t forget to look into our Candles, they make the perfect gifts!

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