Ditch Liquid Shampoo for Shampoo Bars

When thinking about washing your hair, the first thing you need is shampoo right? So, you grab the bottle of your favorite shampoo and get to work. The only thing that you aren’t thinking about is the waste that is happening before your very eyes. The amount of shampoo you squirted out might be too much for your hair, so you rinse your hands off when you get done scrubbing and just like that your extra shampoo went down the drain and into our water system. Then, before you know it your throwing away your shampoo bottle. Bottles that our shampoo is stored in leaves behind quite the carbon footprint.  

According to research done by Take 3 for the Sea which is an awesome initiative encouraging the care of our oceans, estimates that there are 8 million tons of plastic entering the ocean each year. There is 1 million plastic bottles purchased every minute around the entire world. Most of these plastic products end up in one of these three places, a landfill, burnt, or in the ocean. All these places are bad for the environment and lead to various forms of pollution. According to USA Today, there is a lot more damage going on that meets the eye with bottles of shampoo. Bottled shampoo has a greater impact on the environment than just the disposal of the bottle. In the article, it discusses the impact of washing shampoo down the drain, something that we all might overlook. By rinsing the shampoo down the drain, it lets the chemicals in the shampoo, silicone, sulfate, phthalates, and parabens, to be released into the environment. The article talks about the effect shampoo has on your hair and your skin as well. So, the question arises what can be used instead of traditional liquid shampoo in plastic bottles? 

When we first began our natural products journey it seemed that the answer to this question would be, “Just don’t use shampoo!” For some people that seems to work, but we weren’t ready to take that plunge yet. That is when we came across the lovely, the sustainable, shampoo bar. Some of us were at first quite skeptical of their ability to clean well and not get our hair in crazy knots! But we formulated our own shampoo bar and boy do these bars take great care of your hair needs while helping the environment too. 

Our bar soaps are only made with the best ingredients; organic coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, argan oil, avocado oil, and a special essential oil blend for different hair types. These ingredients are so great for your hair and with more of a control on how much soap is used, the product’s life is longer than other types of shampoo. There are also the benefits for the environment that ditching and switching to bar shampoo allows. There aren’t nasty chemicals going down the drain with each use and the packaging of the soap is in a simple paper container that can be recycled and reused along the line. Bar shampoo is a unique way to try something new for your body and help the environment. So why not try something new, ditch your old shampoo and switch to the shampoo bar instead. Not only will your body thank you, but the environment as well. 

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