Body Care Products as a part of a Healthy Lifestyle

Having natural body care products can oftentimes seem like icing on the “natural health” cake. Not totally necessary, but it adds extra sweetness and flavor. However, we know those people who would think my prior sentence is total blasphemy. “How can you have a cake without icing? There is just something wrong with that!”

We agree; natural body care products are so important in the scheme of a healthy lifestyle. You can’t have the cake without the icing! It is affecting your body more than you realize and other aspects of your life. Let’s dive in!

Natural body care supports your body’s processes

As we have discussed in this blog, our endocrine system is something that is so important and helps keep our well-being in check by creating and regulating our hormones. Hormones aren’t limited to our sex hormones either (estrogen and testosterone) but there are hormones that aid in all sorts of bodily functions from your brain, mood, digestion, and overall health. These little chemicals are so important and they must be supported. In many main-stream body care products, we see ingredients that disrupt the production and regulation of these hormones. These are called endocrine disruptors. We must be sure that we are staying away from these. Endocrine disruptors come in the form of parabens, phthalates, synthetic colors, synthetic fragrances, sodium lauryl sulfate, and some plastic packaging.

If you don’t stay away from endocrine disruptors that can mean that there are hormone imbalances which affect your mood, energy, and other pieces of your health. So many other things play into your hormone health too such as diet, exercise, and sleep, but we don’t want to give our hormones any more hurdles to jump than they already have.

Natural body care products are better for the environment

What you are using goes down the drain and affects the environment. It is going into our water sources and affecting the soil, plant, and animal life. We must be mindful of these things because they are going to eventually affect us!

Also, the production of the products is important. Is there a lot of chemical waste involved? What are they putting down the drain? Are the employees making the products safe to breathe freely during production? If the answers are questionable, it is likely you wouldn’t want to have these products in or on your body. In our production area, our awesome workers are able to work freely without fear of what would happen if their skin would come in contact with ingredients or if there is a spill. It is important for us to create a safe environment for people and be good to our environment as we are creating and working.

Natural body care products are safe for the whole family

We purchase extra gentle soaps for our babies and children because we know that their skin is more sensitive than adults. This is great and we need to be mindful of what we are putting on our kiddos. However, many natural products are safe for people of all ages. Our bar soaps are great for people of all ages and skin types. If you have super sensitive skin we even have a “naked” bar where it only contains the amazing oils and shea. Also, why purchase three or more soaps for every person in the house? Unless of course, you all like different scents! But, don’t you want all your products in your bathroom to be just as safe for you as they are for your little one? At the end of the day, this will make your bathroom less cluttered and your pocketbook fuller!

Natural products support your other efforts in healthy living

If you are living a healthy lifestyle or making changes to eat better and exercise more you want these efforts to be supported by natural products. This is going to ensure that your body’s systems are adequately supported and that there isn’t anything keeping your system from working properly. It may sound silly but using natural products keeps our systems and minds from feeling bogged down. There is a freshness that comes from using products you know will not only make you look good but also make you feel good! There have been moments where I have had to use a synthetic product out of necessity and boy I could tell a difference! My skin was not so happy and the scent was STRONG. It is amazing the changes our body experiences and you can’t help but want to maintain them. As we have grown in our own health and fitness journies we have loved creating natural products to support us and couldn’t imagine turning back.

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